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Mobile Learning Technologies and the Move towards ‘User-Led Education’

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TítuloMobile Learning Technologies and the Move towards ‘User-Led Education’
Tipo de PublicaçãoUnpublished
Ano da Publicação2007
AutoresBruns, A., Cobcroft R. S., Smith J. E., & Towers S. J.
InstituiçãoMobile Media
Palavras-chavee, Generation C, graduate capabilities, knowledge economy, learning, literacies, m, mobile, produsage, produser, Web 2, wireless

Recent advances in media technologies are deeply intertwined with an overall shift towards more user-led content production models in a large variety of fields – some observers describe this as the move towards a ‘Generation C’ of active and intercreative users, or towards a hybrid user/producer or ‘produser’, replacing traditional production/consumption models. The increasing adoption of such user-led, community-based, collaborative models for the co-creation of ‘content’ requires current and future graduates to display skills and capabilities which are significantly different from what has been expected of students in the past, and therefore needs teaching approaches which not only describe these literacies, but live them – modes of teaching which are themselves user- (or student-) led, collaborative, and flexible, and address the needs of Generation C. This paper provides a strong argument for this shift in pedagogical paradigms. It examines current needs in industry and society to argue for this shift, provides some pointers to possible solutions, and considers the role mobile and wireless technologies can play in this project.