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Getting beyond centralized technologies in higher education, Part 2

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TítuloGetting beyond centralized technologies in higher education, Part 2
Tipo de PublicaçãoConference Proceedings
Ano da Conferência2007
AutoresFiedler, S.
EditorMontgomerie, C., & Seale J.
Nome da ConferênciaWorld Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2007
Localização da ConferênciaVancouver, Canada
Palavras-chaveSocial Studies Educational Technology Learning Management Systems Networking Technologies

Centralized learning management systems still characterize the predominant institutional approach to computational support for teaching and studying in higher education. This approach contrasts sharply with the growing dissemination of decentralized, loosely coupled, and networked tools and services that provide increasingly powerful means to augment a wide variety of activities and practices outside of institutional boundaries. Recently, notions of personal learning environments (PLEs) have been brought forward and discussed as a viable alternative to the centralized approach to technological support for teaching and studying that most educational institutions employ. This symposium brings together a diverse group of international researchers to explore the current demarcation lines, potentials, limitations, and possible developmental paths of centralized, institutional approaches to technology support for teaching and learning on one side, and of networked, loosely-coupled tools and services and their surrounding practices on the other side.